XP Saddle Pads

Excellent shock absorption, made with F10 virgin wool for ultimate protection and comfort for the horse

EQUICOR Merchandise

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Why an EQUICOR XP Pad?

All natural, high grade, virgin wool

XP insert (Xtreme Protection) sewn into the pad for ultimate protection

XP Absorbs shock and impact protecting the horses back

100% Merino wool fleece bottom standard on all XP pads

Hand-made in the USA!


Wool Content...

All wool is not the same! The manufacturing process of wool is either needle punched or steam pressed. Needle punched is a way to pinch and press the fibers together with many small needles in order for the wool fibers to intertwine and twist together which allows the wool to hold its shape. You can actuallu see many tiny holes in needle punched wool saddle pads. Needle punch is not desirable but is considered an economical and less expensive.

Steam pressed wool, on the other hand, is the gold standard in which high quality wool/felt is made, creating a soft, supple, and desirable product. The higher quality wool, like F10, will have a higher virgin wool content. F10 has 98% virgin wool and 2% reworked wool (still natural wool) with no synthetic material. Other wools will have 55% virgin wool with 45% synthetic material.

What is the difference between pure wool virgin wool and 100% wool?The difference between virgin sheep wool and recycled wool is quite simple.Virgin wool is wool that has never been used before. The wool fibers have never been dyed or made into clothing, blankets, or rugs. Because of this, virgin wool is inherently stronger, more resilient, and softer than recycled wool.

Cheaper and less expensive wool saddle pads may still be marketed as 100% wool pads but they really are far from it. Know your wool grade and content to better understand the product you are riding on your horse. The higher the wool content, the more compression, more moisture wicking, and better protection for your horse! EQUICOR ONLY uses F10 wool!

Moisture Wicking

A horse sweats as a means to allow body heat to escape. When a saddle pad wicks moisture, in others words, absorbs sweat off the back, it allows the horse to stay cooler. Synthetic materials trap the heat and sweat on the back creating a harsh environment which could lead to back soreness. Although synthetic materials will usually leave great looking sweat patterns, it is because the heat is trapped against the back creating more sweat and moisture. F10 Wool, allows sweat to wick away from the back keeping the horse more comfortable and protected than synthetic or lower quality wool pads.

Compression Rating (psi)

Compression rating is just much compression (psi) can the material take. F10 Wool has the highest psi rating of all the wool products allowing the pad to take more shock and impact than lower quality wool and synthetic pads. When you ride an EQUICOR pad, you are providing the best protection to your horse! ...and they last a long time as well!

I love this pad!

"I love this pad because it leaves the perfect sweat marks and keeps my horses back from being sore. I feel my saddle is molded to my horses back which keeps me centered. Since using the EQUICOR pad I have saved so much money in back injections and my horses love them!"

— McKenzie Morgan - WPRA Barrel Racer

Amazing product!

"Absolutely the best saddle pad I've ridden. I'm confident EQUICOR will be the next big thing in the horse industry."

— Blake Toliver - Toliver Rope Horses, AQHA, ARHFA Trainer