EQUICOR was started as a way to develop several ideas of how performance horses could be better protected.  The problem we commonly encountered was poor fitting saddles and/or cheap saddle pads, which resulted in sore horses.  So, we started looking into saddle fit, how the saddle pad plays a part in overall fit and comfort as well as protecting the horse.  We quickly learned that all saddle pad materials are not created equally.  The material the pad is made of is extremely important for the health and performance of the horse.

So, the challenge was to develop a better fitting, better protecting, and better performing saddle pad for the western performance horse.  After years of planning, research, development, and trial & error, in 2018 the first saddle pad prototype was made and tested.  After a couple of minor improvements, a final design was locked in and made.  That first final pad, called pad #1, was given to a trainer with these instructions:  "ride it, abuse it, but do not clean it".  The goal was to see how it would last and perform in a harsh environment with virtually no care.  Pad #1 has been ridden for more than three years with excellent performance.  In fact, it still looks great today and is estimated to have more than 2500 hours under saddle...and is still being ridden!

While pad #1 was being put to the test at the trainer, we began testing more pads in 2020 looking at thermal imaging, temperature regulation, moisture wicking, psi pressure areas, and sweat patterns to see how EQUICOR pads perform and how they affect the horse.  The majority of EQUICOR testing has been in team roping and barrel racing horses in Texas.

The best performing pads are pads that are all natural.  Many pads on the market are made with a high percentage of synthetic products.  Even pads that are marketed as 100% wool pads really are only 80% wool at best and a poor-quality wool at that.  EQUICOR only uses F10 grade wool which is the highest-grade wool used for saddle pads.  F10 comes at a high price, however, as it is very expensive, but very good for the horse.  Go to our FAQ's to learn more about wool and different materials used in saddle pads.  

We are also excited to announce EQUICOR has several more products that will be launching in the fall months of 2022.  Follow us on social media for the latest news and updates. 

We hope you have enjoyed some of our background story and look forward to the sharing our journey with you.


Some fun notes about EQUICOR: you have seen, is always represented in all caps.  The name stands for "EQUI" short for equine and "COR" which is short for core, meaning the core of the body, where health and performance start. 

The EQUICOR company logo is a slanted E with only horizontal bars.  You can find it on our website and social media pages along with our marketing materials.  Each horizontal bar in the logo represents one of our three company values:

Passion - Innovation - Integrity   


The EQUICOR mission:

EQUICOR is dedicated to developing and marketing the best equine products allowing horse and rider to perform to the best of their ability.   



EQUICOR's founder and leader is Bryan Toliver who has more than 30 years' experience as a horse owner, competitor, and horse enthusiast.  Bryan's career spans more than 20 years in the Animal Health industry focusing on equine health and keeping horses in peak performance.